NoW vs. Zoom – Highlights

Feature NoW Zoom
250 participants Yes 100 – Pro Plan
Meeting Time Limit for Basic Plan Users No meeting time limit 40 Minutes
Premium and Toll-free Numbers Yes Additional Cost
SMS reminder, sent 15 minutes prior to your meeting start, to all invitees. SMS notification sent to you when someone joins your meeting BEFORE you arrive, letting you know who is waiting for you. Yes None
HIPAA-compliant No historical issues with hacking; encrypted to support the needs of medical providers and others sharing confidential information via teleconference Zoom is HIPAA-compliant, but has continued to experience security problems
Custom Branding (including subdomain and logos) Custom URLs, logos, colors, hold music, and unique backdrops Additional Cost
Break Out Rooms for Basic Users All users Available with upgraded plans
Transcription Yes Available with 10 licenses or more at an expense of $1999/year.
Recording Storage 5 GB 1GB
Conference Summaries & Search Yes Additional Cost
Live Video Streaming (YouTube) Yes Additional Cost
Security – Routing through China No Yes
Security – Meeting Code, One-time Access Code, Meeting Lock Yes None
Support Live, friendly, and solution-oriented support Chat, call, and engineering teams that operate in silos and generic emails without much updated information about technical problems
Easy User Interface Features like raising a hand, a whiteboard, additional views, faster hang-up access, etc., are in more intuitive places; includes detailed wi-fi signal diagnostics signal diagnostics Less intuitive; no whiteboard, limited views
Music or Commercial While Waiting to Join Meeting Yes No