Investor Summary

Investment: $2,874,000

Return: 5% Net Subscription Income Paid Monthly

Accredited Investors Only

New Subscription Milestones

90 Days 1,000 new subscriptions generating $14,646 per month, $175,752 annual

18 Month 75,000 new subscriptions generating $1,112,750 per month, $13,473,000 annual

Investor Month & Annual Payout (Paid Out Monthly)

90 Days Milestone $732.30 per month, $8,787.60 annual

18 Months Milestone $55,637 per month, $667,650 annual

Over 18-month period, we will target and convert 75,000 monthly subscribers, which equates to .025% of Zoom’s 300 million daily users, both free and paying meeting participants, to NoW to achieve above month and annual goals.


Uses of Funds

  • Digital and Mobile Marketing (OmniTarget) $1,724,000
  • Traditional Marketing (TV, Print, Target Mailers, Billboards) $1,150,000
  • Total Uses: $2,874,000

The Opportunity of the Current Video Conferencing Market

Since entering the new normal in a post-COVID-19 world, video conferencing has emerged as an essential tool for business and personal communication. According to the latest data from Fortune Business Insights (June 2021), revenue in the global video conferencing market is projected to “grow from $6.28 billion in 2021 to $12.99 billion in 2028.”

With the recent emergence of the Delta and Omicron variants of the coronavirus, it is certain that video conferencing will continue to be a lifeline connecting people with one another and the world while protecting public health. Businesses, government, schools, churches, and nonprofits have been especially impacted by the need for a reliable service, scrambling to shift to online operations and find ways to stay relevant and seen by those whose financial support and volunteer
contributions have sustained them in the past.

During the early days of the pandemic, according to Business Insider, Zoom emerged as the preferred video conference solution counting both free and paying users, Zoom has 300 million daily meeting participants. That’s an increase of 2900% since December 31, 2019, when million daily meeting participants logged on.

The Zoom mobile app downloaded 485 million times in 2020. Zoom has 504,900 business customers. The number of annual meeting minutes on Zoom is now over 3.3 trillion. 45 billion minutes of webinars are hosted on Zoom every year.

But problems with its inherent security, poor stewardship of users’ personal data, and substandard customer support quickly made it a necessary evil rather than a valued partner (Tom’s Guide, 2021). As a result, in August of 2021, a legal judgment against Zoom awarded Settlement Class Members $85 million in damages and required Zoom to improve its security and policies (The Verge, 2021).

Once legal fees were accounted for, users could expect just $25.00 – or less – in compensation for the consequences of compromised personal data and the indignities and compliance issues of hacked Zoom meetings.

Zoom represents a cautionary tale in how not to secure technology and treat customers, but it has also given competitors an opportunity to claim the lost trust – and business – of Zoom’s disillusioned users.

NoW is the time to disrupt a video conferencing industry dominated by large players whose services are expensive, complicated, incomplete, unreliable, and unsecure.

Introducing NoW… Easy and Secure Live Streaming.

NoW is affiliated with 3rd Wave Marketing (

3rd Wave Marketing is a SBA, city of Kansas City, and state of Missouri certified small, minority-owned, woman-owned, disadvantaged business, and HUB Zone business.

Without question, Zoom has the lions’ share of the video conferencing industry. The question is: who will provide video conferencing with better quality and value and is poised to gain market share from a hobbling larger competitor? NoW, built on and powered by Amazon Web Services is that solution.

NoW is up-leveled video conferencing for a post-pandemic, Zoom-weary marketplace in need of a better, more affordable, more secure, and more functionally complete alternative for remote, distributed, and hybrid workers, learners, and teams.

Aside from its legal and security woes, like most busy professionals, chances are you have been on a Zoom call today where at least one of the following “small inconveniences” has happened to you:

  • An invitee forgot to attend or showed up late because Zoom did not text a reminder.
  • You had to dial in again because the conference was disconnected.
  • You heard an echo that made it challenging to understand the other people in the conference.
  • You could not figure out how to raise or lower your hand to notify the facilitator that you wanted time to speak.
  • Zoom notified you that your Wi-Fi connection was unstable even when other applications were not experiencing service disruptions and your connection appeared strong.
  • Zoom suddenly stopped detecting your computer’s audio or video components forcing you to dial-in using a phone.
  • Zoom stopped at the 40-minute mark because only licensed subscribers may host meetings of more than 40 minutes each.
  • Zoom’s Support team failed to follow-up or communicate well with you about issues with service or features, its chat, phone, and technology teams operating in silos with little immediate information.


Considering all of that, NoW imagine that you are a second-grade teacher tasked with teaching required curriculum to eight-year-olds using Zoom for four hours a day, five days a week, during a pandemic with no opportunity to create break out
reading groups, easily.

Could you effectively prepare each child to read at grade level?

Imagine you are a physician attempting to provide telehealth services because you cannot open your practice doors to patients during that same pandemic. You are worried about security issues, or “Zoombombing” (which you know can still happen),
making it impossible to keep your consultations private and HIPAA-compliant. Zoom also does not provide transcription of conversations without added cost, making it hard to keep good clinical notes from your conversation.

Could you effectively and compliantly provide care to your patients?

Perhaps you are the salesperson of an international business coach whose team has been stymied by the sudden and unexpected loss of service from Zoom for introductory meetings, preventing new sales for more than a week while your company’s
Zoom administrator cannot get any clear communication on what has been done to correct the problem.

Could you effectively sell your service?

Or maybe you are a small but growing business who would like to brand your Zoom account to give the right impression to your target clients but cannot add your logo and color scheme to the Zoom page because it is more than you can afford.

Could you effectively create an impression that lands you an important client?

The answer is that you could not effectively accomplish those important goals – at least not without adding costs at a time when inflation has made budgets less forgiving. When framed in those terms, the “small” inconveniences and nickel-and-dime
pricing schedule imposed by Zoom casts large shadows on user satisfaction. These problems may be examples when used here, but they are the reality for Zoom users and have an impact on productivity, revenue, profit, and mental wellbeing.

The opportunity to provide an easier, more secure, and satisfying experience in video conferencing is clear.
With NoW you can effectively do all those things and more.

Let’s examine some of the differences.

NoW vs Zoom – Highlights

Feature NoW Zoom
Unlimited Guests Yes 100 – Pro Plan
Meeting Time Limit for Basic Plan Users No meeting time limit 40 Minutes
Premium and Toll-free Numbers Yes Additional Cost
SMS reminder, sent 15 minutes prior to your meeting start, to all invitees.
SMS notification sent to you when someone joins your meeting BEFORE you arrive, letting you know who is waiting for you.
Yes No
HIPAA-compliant No historical issues with hacking; encrypted to support the needs of medical providers and others sharing confidential information via teleconference Zoom is HIPAA-compliant, but has continued to experience security problems
Custom Branding (including subdomain and logos) Custom URLs, logos, colors, hold music, and unique backdrops Additional Cost
Break Out Rooms for Basic Users All users Available with upgraded plans
Transcription Yes Available with 10 licenses or more at an expense of $1999/year.
Recording Storage 5 GB 1GB
Conference Summaries & Search Yes Additional Cost
Live Video Streaming (YouTube) Yes Additional Cost
Security – Routing through China No Yes
Security – Meeting Code, One-time Access Code, Meeting Lock Yes No
Support Live, friendly, and solution-oriented support Chat, call, and engineering teams that operate in silos and generic emails without much updated information about technical problems
Easy User Interface Features like raising a hand, a whiteboard, additional views, faster hang-up access, etc., are in more intuitive places; includes detailed wi-fi signal diagnostics signal diagnostics Less intuitive; no whiteboard, limited views

The NoW Experience

The good news for investors is that the features and functions of NoW are ready and in use today. NoW has been developed and tested for more than a year to assure that every functionality is available at the outset of the investment journey
instead of releasing preferred or enhanced features incrementally after launch. We believe this increases the potential for steady subscriptions, user adoption, and faster return on your investment.

Here are some screen captures of a recent working meeting with leaders from 3rd Wave Marketing where we were able to easily post and download documents and live links in the chat feature without interruption of service, keeping us productive.
If you would like to learn more about investing in NoW by 3rd Wave Marketing, click here to complete the contact form or email us at

NoW has multiple meeting views so that the primary speaker can have the floor…

…or so meeting participants can collaborate.

Above is configured to show the Chat feature, document sharing, participant views, and the top and side menus.

Menus are easy to use and can slide away from view. Unlike Zoom, they do not and make features easy to find. The figure below shows NoW’s Settings menu, including Audio/Video settings, and Virtual Backgrounds.

The NoW Whiteboard, with drawing, text, and other features can be used in-call to dynamically design and create plans.

NoWhas learned the lessons of the pandemic that large video conference providers have not. We understand the needs of businesses, government, schools, churches, and nonprofits with big goals and small budgets and see the opportunity to provide
a superior service at a price point that will be very attractive to our target clients in making the switch from Zoom to NoW.

This is because NoW includes features and benefits at no additional cost that Zoom either does not provide or charges more to access, like free custom page branding, easy-to-use, unlimited break out rooms, AI-driven call transcription, conference
lock features, and text reminders to invitees in advance that supply the meeting link.

Powered by NoW’s connection is stable, secure, HIPAA compliantText, boasts exceptional audio and video quality, and the user interface is fully intuitive for everyone from tech-savvy professionals
to Mrs. Johnson’s second-grade class.

I. Financial Projections

The below illustration shows, with $2,874,000 startup capital investment for marketing, NoW financial projections monthly and annual payout.

Investor Financial Payout

The chart below illustrates Investor financial payout monthly and annually for 90 day and 18 month plan. When 1,000 and 25,000 subscribers are reached. Investor(s) will receive this income monthly/annually “for life”.

II. Target Digital/Mobile Marketing and Subscription Revenue Growth Plan

Using 3rd Wave Marketing OmniTarget, TargetText, hulu, and sling, we will implement a 3-point “Are you “Zoomed Out” marketing strategy to convert Zoom users to NoW.

Within 90 days, we project to have 1,000 new subscriptions. Over 18-month period, we project to have 25,000 new subscriptions, generating $366,150 per month, $4,393,000 annually.

Digital Marketing Demographics Targets, we have in our Database:

1Digital and Mobile Marketing that employs the most popular social media platforms, streaming tv stations hulu and sling, with generational target marketing messaging. This Digital Marketing strategy hyper-targets those who are “zoomed out” and are looking to a better and more cost live streaming platform. afford the Proverbs Estates lifestyle by appealing to the language and values of a given generation. Emails to generations that rely on that tool for credible information and opportunities.

2Traditional Marketing TV, Billboards, and Target Mailers will be used to build NoW awareness, brand, and monthly subscription base.


3rd Wave Marketing Executive Leadership Team

Terri English-Yancy BA, MA, MA, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for 3rd Wave Marketing, brings 23 years of program policy, procedure, responsible fiscal management, and strategic planning with tactical detail experience. Data and positive outcome driven, Terri effectively manages compliance and finance matters, relative to Proverbs Holdings, LLC operations, while making efficiency decisions, and appropriate delegations. Additionally, Terri successfully completed the WIPFLI Head Start fiscal management training and has strong diverse individual collaboration “know how”.

Jeremy Sanders, BA Accounting, MBA Finance, as Chief Financial Officer for 3rd Wave Marketing, bring 12 years of international CFO experience, ranging from startups to multinational turnarounds, and oversight of budgets up to $130 million. Jeremy has provided advisory and finance training, and support to businesses in more than 24 industries. Jeremy’s advanced skills include corporate finance leadership, strategy development, ERP and systems implementations, transformational leadership, innovation commercialization, fundraising, audit management, residential, commercial, and historic preservation real development projects.

Kenneth P. Yancy I, BBA, is Chief Digital Marketing and Data Officer for 3rd Wave Marketing. Kenneth is a serial entrepreneur and visionary with Digital/ Mobile Marketing, Software Development, Telecommunications, and Real Estate Development talents and experience. Kenneth’s unique expertise and background is a result from over 37 years of leading successful multi-million-dollar projects for Big Data, Software, Marketing, and Telecommunications powerhouses IBM, Sprint, Cisco Systems, and Proverbs Estates.

Amy Fortney, BA, PMP, is Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 3rd Wave Marketing and leads the Program Management Office (PMO) for Proverbs Holdings, LLC. Amy is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), with more than 20 years of experience. Amy has led Operations and Project Management initiatives for a Fortune 100 company, the nation’s third largest non-profit health system, and in the service of federal and state government contracts.

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